Spectra vs Medela

Are you looking for a breast pump? You read an infinite number of articles and still not sure which one to get? If you read this, you are down to Spectra or Medela brand. Don’t worry. You are in the right direction. Few more minutes, and you will be closer to your goal. All the information is based on my own experience or on the countless reviews of other moms I’ve read. You will get only the essentials, and what matters. Let’s start with the battle – Spectra vs. Medela.

Technical comparison


Spectra S2

Medela Pump in Style

Closed system

Double pumping

Motor suction power

 320 mmHg
240 mmHg


2.5lbs / 1.1kg
4.7lbs / 2.13kg



Battery Charged

2-Phase expression

Adjustable suction and speed


BPA free materials


2 years on motor, 90 days on accessories

1 year on motor, 90 days on accessories


Spectra S2: Pros and Cons

Medela Pump in Style: Pros and Cons

Spectra vs. Medela. How they compare

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the breast pumps and the benefits they provide. You will find a point under each paragraph to understand which pump performs better or if they are equal.

1. Hospital-grade

A closed system means better hygiene. There’s no milk or moisture in the pump pipes, so no mold, bacteria, or viruses. Closed systems are generally easier to clean and save priceless time. Here Spectra S2 is an undisputed winner as Medela Pump in Style is with an open system.

Spectra S2: 1 pts. (+1)

Medela Pump in Style: 0 pts.

2. Double Electric pump

Pumping from both breasts at the same time is always preferred. It’s not only 2x faster than using a single pump, but it stimulates milk production. Double pumping is another way to save some time. Both Specta and Medela are double electric pumps, so we have a draw result.

Spectra S2: 2 pts. (+1)

Medela Pump in Style: 1 pts. (+1)

3. Motor power

If you compare the technical specification of the two pumps, you will see that the difference between the two motors is not so big. Can you even make a difference? Yes, I can. Spectra motor is doing a better job of expressing my milk. Both pumps are above average, but Spectra is a winner here.

Spectra S2: 3 pts. (+1)

Medela Pump in Style: 1 pts.

4. Expression technology

Both companies have a 2-phase expression. First, you have the letdown mode, which is more intense with a higher suction power and speed. It helps you stimulate milk production. Once the milk starts to flow, you can move to expression mode, which is more gentle. With Spectra, you can adjust the speed and the suction power while with Medela, you have a combination of both. That is easier to use but limits your options to find the optimal settings to express your milk. My baby suck speed doesn’t always match how hard it nurses. In my experience, Spectra S2 mimics better the natural suckling of a baby, and this transforms into better results. Spectra is a winner here.

Spectra S2: 4 pts. (+1)

Medela Pump in Style: 1.5 pts. (+0.5)

5. Comfort

If you read my review of Spectra S2, you will know what I think about the comfort of this pump. I was impressed by how they can build something so powerful and gentle at the same time. The feel is almost identical to the suckling of my baby. Most important is that there’s no pain. Medela is doing well but cannot beat the comfort of Spectra.

Spectra S2: 5 pts. (+1)

Medela Pump in Style:2 pts. (+0.5)

6. Noise

It’s not hard to determine which pump wins in this competition. If you have both pumps is the same room running, you won’t hear the S2. With Spectra, I can pump right beside my baby. Don’t get me wrong. Medela is not so loud, but Spectra engineers did an outstanding job with this motor.

Spectra S2: 6 pts. (+1)

Medela Pump in Style: 2 pts.

7. Portability

If you plan to go back to work, or you like long walks in the park. Love to travel? You will need a portable breast pump if you want to express your milk on the go you have to be well prepared. A battery charged pump is a must. Then we need easy access. Medela has it all. It comes with a bag. Inside the bag, everything is organized and has its place. You are ready to pump in seconds. And if you have short breaks at the office this time matters.

Spectra S2: 6 pts.

Medela Pump in Style: 3 pts. (+1)

8. Ease of use

Dealing with sophisticated gadgets is not my unique ability. I don’t like them. I bet that you don’t adore them either. Engineers from Spectra and Medela know that so they tried to make the pumps as simple as possible. Even though S2 is very intuitive and straight-forward to use, it has way more controls than it’s Medela opponent. Medela’s breast pump has only two. One knob for adjusting cycle speed and vacuum power and one for starting the letdown mode. With that said, I cannot give the point for ease of use to other than Medela Pump in Style.

Spectra S2: 6 pts.

Medela Pump in Style: 4 pts. (+1)

9. Parts and accessories

Breast pump accessories are not something that you need to overlook. It is always better when your pump comes with more accessories than the bare minimum. Medela bet on this, so their pump comes with a transportation bag and milk storage bag with ice cooler. When you use your pump a lot, you will have to buy spare parts. And if you have to buy them online, you will have to wait at least one day. We know that sometimes one day is too much. Medela products are well known, and you can find them at every store. Just go to the nearest store and get what you need. Prices of the accessories/spare parts are also something to consider. In general, Medela’s parts/accessories are lower than Spectra’s. On this criterion, Medela gets the point with a significant lead.

Spectra S2: 6 pts.

Medela Pump in Style: 5 pts. (+1)

10. Extra features

Do you struggle to fall asleep after you wake up during the night? That usually happens if you get out of the bed and turn the lights on. With Spectra’s digital display and night, the light feature you don’t need to. Just start the pump while you are in your bed. It will take a few moments, and then you can continue to sleep. The pump will do all the hard work while you rest in your warm bed. The automatic shut down function will stop after 30 minutes. You don’t need to worry about this as well. Medela doesn’t have any extra features, so the point goes straight to S2.

Spectra S2: 7 pts. (+1)

Medela Pump in Style: 5 pts.

Spectra or Medela. Which one is better?

If you read the previous section, you saw that Spectra won the battle by points. Due to its closed system Spectra has better hygiene and is easier to clean. The expression technology of Spectra mimics better the natural suckling of a baby. Spectra is more comfortable and gentle. The engine is more powerful and quieter than Medela’s.

Spectra S2 wins against Medela Pump in Style Advanced.

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BUT. Аlthough, the Medela Pump in Style, is not better than Spectra S2 it is still the easiest to transport. That is crucial for a lot of moms. In Medela’s bag, everything is well-organized and ready for action in just a few seconds. If you are often outside and have to pump-on-the-go, Medela is the right pump for you.

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