Spectra Baby USA S2 review

You need a breast pump and not sure which one to choose? Let me explain why I like Specta S2. It might help you with the decision. I will summarize the most crucial information at the beginning of the article. And if you need more information, continue to the bottom for the full Spectra S2 review.

Our rating: 9/10

Price: check

Pros and Cons

What I like

Let’s start with the comfort that S2 offers. It is on a different level. It feels like my baby suckles, and there is no pain. The motor is a beast. Don’t know how they build something so powerful and gentle at the same time. No more prolonged pumping, this pump does the job 2-3 times faster and saves a lot of precious time. The motor is ultra-quiet, close to silent. Combined with the nightlight, you can use the pump day and night while your baby sleeps next to you. The closed system makes it easy to clean. The price is more than reasonable for what you get.

What I don’t like

I miss the battery. If you are going back to work or travel, often it could be an issue. The user manual could be better. Parts for Spectra are a little more expensive and hard to find than Medela and other brands. Let me share a trick for this. You can buy an adapter and use parts from Medela. Breast flanges come only in two sizes. If they don’t fit, you will need to buy extra ones.

More about Spectra S2 Benefits

1. Hospital-grade breast pump

Closed system = no bacteria and viruses in the milk. No mold in the pipes as there is no milk or moisture into the tubes and motor thanks to the backflow protection. For me, the hygiene is a top priority: less cleaning, more time for mommy. Remember, always check the manual for proper cleaning and maintenance of the product!

2. A mighty but gentle motor

If you are trying to increase milk supply, or your baby cannot latch due to a medical condition? You need a pump with a powerful motor that can express all your breast milk with a breeze. The results didn’t late. With S2, I was able to express 2-3 times faster than before. And not only but there was a significant increase in my milk supply. Comfort

3. Silent operation

Powerful motor ≠ noise. You will be able to use the pump 24/7. On my first use, I didn’t hear it works. I had to check if there’s milk in the bottle. And surprise it was working! Don’t worry if your baby is sleeping next to you. Spectra S2 is working quiet and hard. You can even take a nap while pumping.

4. No harmful BPA/DEHP

Have you ever heard about BPA and DEHP? These are chemicals often used for producing plastic materials. Recent studies and researches proved that they could be dangerous to humans. So when you buy plastic bottles, etc. always check if they are BOA/DEHP free! Spectra Baby USA confirms all plastics in contact with breast milk are BPA/DEHP free. Including all storage containers.

5. Completely customizable

Start the pump in let-down mode to stimulate milk production. Feels lovely, and it is as close to baby natural suckle. Then use the expression mode to fill that bottles. Change the level of suction and cycles as per your preference. We are all different so that you can choose among 12 settings for vacuum strength and 5 for cycle speed. Find your best combo and achieve great results.

6. Ease of use

Designed by moms, it’s simple to assemble. Generally speaking, Spectra S2 is easy to use. With few buttons on it, all with corresponding images on them. There’s no chance for a mistake. If you miss something, you can always check the manual or call Spectra’s customer support. There’s a lot of information on the Internet. Spectra is getting popular among moms so that you can ask your friends for help as well.

7. Double pump = faster pumping

Been able to pump from both of your breasts at the same is a must-have function. It’s not only fast but contributes to the milk supply increase. And when we add a powerful motor, we can express almost 3x faster than a single pump model. With that much spare time, you will have a few precious moments a day only for you.

8. Light-weight

It’s perfect for carrying with its 3.3lbs(1.5 kg). You can put it everywhere and pump when you need to. That makes a difference when you need to take it to the office every day.

9. Digital screen

How many times did you pump and forgot when you start? You will have access to all the useful information that you need on the digital screen. The timer is helpful when you want to know if you increase your milk supply.

10. Automatic shut off

A couple of times, I forgot that the pump was working. Yes, I was surfing the Internet and was reading some interesting articles. Once during the night pump, I even fell asleep. After you wake up, it’s unpleasant as you feel pain. With Spectra S2, you can avoid that. The pump shuts down after 30 minutes of work.

11. Using it day and night(night light feature)

With the night light function, I’m able to lay in my warm bed and start the pump. Without even turning on the light of the room. No need to move around in the dark and hit furniture with your toes. As I mentioned above, the pump is very quiet so you can use it near your baby or your partner. You can even sleep and let the pump do all the work.

Should you buy Spectra S2?

Spectra S2 has all the ingredients for a fantastic breast pump. Reliable and robust motor. At the same time, it works very quietly, which is a huge advantage. It offers extreme comfort and is easy to use. In the end, this is a hospital-grade breast pump with an attractive price.