Spectra S1 vs. S2

I bet you already read a lot of reviews about different breast pumps. I know I’ve been in that situation too. Choosing a breast pump is not something that you should underestimate. If you are here, you already heard about Spectra Baby USA and its products. My mission is to help you decide which Spectra breast pump to choose. Let’s start with the essentials of the battle Spectra S1 vs S2.

Functions comparison

FeaturesSpectra S1Spectra S2
Hospital-grade closed system
Double Pumping
Battery Charged
Let-down mode
Cycle and Vacuum Settings
LCD display with night light
Weight 3.3lbs / 1.5kg 2.5lbs / 1.1kg
Color Only Blue Only Pink
Price Higher Lower

The Differences: Spectra S1 vs. S2

1. Portability

For this point, S1 beats S2. Having a battery gives you a lot more freedom when you are traveling or pumping at work.

2. Weight

Although both breast pumps are in the light-weight category, S2 is a solid winner. The battery in S1 helps for its portability, but it gains some extra weight.

3. Color

For me, it’s bizarre that both pumps came in a single color. S1 is in blue while S2 comes in pink. Color cannot be a deal-breaker, but it worth mentioning.

4. Price

As you may already see from the table above, the price of S1 is a little higher than the S2.

The Benefits of both Spectra S1 and S2

1. Top-notch hygiene

Hospital-grade closed system. Thanks to the backflow protection, there’s no milk or moisture in the pipes of the pump. And that means no mold. Breast milk is free from bacteria and viruses. This kind of pump is easier to clean as we clean the tubing only on rare occasions.

2. Light-weight

There could be a minor weight difference between the two pumps. But they are both light-weight if you need to carry the pump every day to the office. Or you travel somewhere. Now you can get the benefits of a light-weight breast pump.

3. Double Pumping

Two is always better than one. Double pumping has its benefits-improved milk supply and saving a lot of time. You will forget about the long expressing sessions and will have some more time only for you.

4. The Motor

With its 12 levels of suction, this motor is like a monster. It helped me develop my milk supply and saved me a lot of time. You may think that powerful means pain in the breasts due to the higher suction. But no, you will get amazed how gentle this pump is. Not sure how they did it so mighty and delicate. Vow down before the engineers.

5. High-end comfort

If you use the right breast flange size, the pump is beyond comfortable. The message mode is very close to real breastfeeding. It stimulates milk production, and once the milk flow starts, you can switch to the express phase. In this mode, you choose between 5 cycles and 12 levels of vacuum strength. They are more than enough to find the optimal combination for you. And all this information is present on a digital screen.

6. LCD Screen

You have all the needed information on this screen. Verify on what mode are you running at the moment – message or express. Check what the suction level is. See how many cycles per minute you currently use. And the most useful among them the timer. Get to know for how long you pump. That helps a lot when you try to increase milk production.

7. Night light

Of course, the digital screen has a night light. I pump almost every night. Being able to pump without even getting out of bed is very useful. I don’t have to turn on the light – no need to get up and make noise. Switch the pump, and within a few moments, you can go back to sleep while it mines your liquid gold.

8. Quiet

Powerful motor? Are you scared to pump near the baby at night? You may already ask yourself, is that even possible? Yes, I pump right beside my baby without any concerns. The pump is very quiet, so there’s no way that the baby or my partner to wake up.

9. BPA/DEHP free

Always check for BPA/DEHP free labels when you buy plastics for food storing. BPA and DEHP chemicals are proven to be dangerous by several types of research and studies. If we are talking for babies, don’t ever buy something if you are not 100% sure that it’s BPA/DEHP free. Back to the pumps. All plastic parts in touch with breast milk do not contain BPA and DEHP chemicals.

10. Ease of use

Both pumps are pretty straight-forward to assemble with only a few parts. All the buttons on the unit have labels and are very intuitive. You have one button for turn on/off. One button to change between modes. And two pairs of switches to increase/decrease the cycles and the suction level. The last one is of the night light function. That’s it. Of course, you can always check the manual for detailed information.

11. Warranty

You can be calm that the pumps come with a 2-year guarantee. That is more than some companies offer for their cars 🙂

S1 or S2? Which one to choose?

Get S1 if…

Most moms associate pumping with their homes. But in reality, you need to pump in a lot of different places if you are going back to work or traveling. If the moment comes, you don’t have time to wait. And chances that you don’t have a power outlet nearby are big. The few extra dollars are not something that needs to stop you from buying the pump. They will return as benefits later.

Get S2 if…

Portability of S1 is an undisputable advantage but only for those who need it. If you plan to pump most of the time at home, then you won’t miss the battery. If you are on a tight budget, then Spectra S2 is your choice.