Spectra Baby USA S1 review

One way or another, you’ve heard about the Spectra S1 breast pump. Now you want to know if everything that you’ve heard is right. And to learn something more about this breast pump. I will start with the most important stuff first and then if you want you can read the rest of the Spectra S1 review.

Our rating: 9.5/10


Pros and Cons

What I like

I had to pump a few times a day and found out that this pump is ultra-gentle to my nipples. The comfort which this pump offers is impressive. Before I had the Spectra S1, I’ve used a manual pump, and believe me; there’s a huge difference. I was able to pump 2-3 times faster since I’m double pumping, and Spectra’s motor is a monster. The pump is quiet, so I can pump without annoying my baby or my husband. And not to forget that I had hand cramps from the manual pump, which are now long gone. The ability to be able to use the pump wherever I am is unmatchable. I can pump in the car while I drive or while in the office. That saves a lot of time!

What I don’t like

Spectra’s bottles are with wider bottlenecks, so this could cause some troubles. You will need to buy an adapter if you use narrow bottlenecks. Parts are costly and hard to find compared to the others, but I have a little secret for you. You can get Medela’s adapter for Spectra and use parts from Medela as they are cheaper. I’ve heard that some moms are having a hard time fitting the breast flanges. For me, they fit correctly. The pump starts from the mode and suction level that you stopped it. It’s a specific thing that you need to get used to it.

More about Spectra S1 Benefits

1. Closed system for healthy breast milk and less cleaning!

The presence of bacteria in breast milk is not something rear if a breast pump is not well cleaned. Closed system breast pumps offer better hygiene compared to the open ones. They protect your breast milk from bacteria mold and viruses. And are easier to clean. Always follow the manual for correct cleaning and maintenance!

2. Portable

You may think why I need to pump outside of my house? Why do I need a battery charged breast pump? The answer is mobility. You can do some housework while you pump. Or go to another room or the restroom while you are in the middle of the session? Now you know what I mean.

3. Powerful motor

Having low-milk supply and your baby is always hungry? Or are you prone to clogged ducts? This mighty motor could help you overcome these frequent problems during nursing. And not to forget that you will get much for less time! You will have more time for you and your family.

4. Silent operation

Noise pollution is one of the most significant factors for stress these days. A low noise breast pump is crucial for a healthy environment for the baby and everybody around. You can even sleep while the pump is working. Or rest while the pump is doing all the hard work.

5. No harmful BPA/DEHP

Many medical studies and researches show that BPA and DEHP are harmful. You don’t want them around your baby. Spectra Baby USA guarantees that all storage containers and parts that are in contact with breast milk are BPA/DEHP free.

6. As close as possible to natural nursing

With the touch of a button, start the let-down mode. Designed to start the milk flow quickly, it stimulates the natural suckling of the baby. Then turn to express function for optimal pumping. You can choose the intervals and the vacuum strength of the pump. Find which combination gives you the best performance.

7. Ease of use

With only a few buttons on it, Spectra is very easy to use. All the buttons have icons and are intuitive to use. Change between modes, vacuum strength, and cycle levels. Start and stop the nightlight, And turn on/off button. That’s it. If you have any questions, you can always check the detailed manual. Or call the customer support of Spectra.

8. Double pumping

It’s simple math. If you pump from both of your breasts, you will pump 2x faster than with a single pump. It’s a known fact that pumping from both breasts simultaneously supports milk supply. You won’t lose a single drop from your milk while you pump with a double pump. And believe the free time is scarce while you have a baby.

9. Light-weight

With only 3.3lbs(1.5 kg), this pump is like a skinny top model of the breast pumps. It will fit in your bag or the storage compartment of your stroller. Don’t waste any of the precious liquid. You can carry it with you all the time, and when the time for pumping comes, you will be ready.

10. LCD Screen

You can set how long the pump should work. Or check how much time it took to express 1oz of milk. That is crucial when you have low-milk supply, or you want to stop nursing.

11. Night light

Yes, that means you can use the pump in a room with reduced or no light at all. Imagine the baby is still sleeping, but you need to express your milk. It won’t be necessary to go to another room, to turn on the light and start the pump. Moving around could wake up the baby. If you stay in bed, you can fall asleep easier.

Should you buy Spectra S1?

I won’t lie to you. This pump is one of the top models on the market. It has everything that a breast pump should have. Powerful but quiet motor. Portable and light-weight. And with hospital-grade quality. If it fits your budget, don’t look for anything else.