Medela Pum in Style Review

Medela is a well-recognized name when we talk about breast pumps. The company is founded almost 60 years ago and is an expert in its field. I have used Medela’s pump in style advanced for some time so that I can share my thoughts on its good and bad sides. I will help you to understand if this is the right product for you. Let’s begin with the Medela pump in Style review.

Our rating: 8/10

Price: check

Pros and Cons

What I like

I like everything that I need to pump is in the bag. Organized and easy to access. Very convenient when you are on the go or in the office. The pump is straight-forward to use with only two controls on it. The power is more than enough, as I never used it in the highest setting. It’s fast as it’s a double breast pump. Parts are affordable and are easy to find everywhere.

What I don’t like

It will be great if you can purchase the pump separately. It’s not as quiet as Spectra’s S1 and S2. The price is something else to consider. Backpack and tote version comes with only one flange size(24mm)

Medela Pump in Style review. Benefits and reasons to buy

1. Double-pumping

Regardless the brand and model always look for a double breast pump. If you care about your time, there is no other option. Double pumps will always perform better than a single one. Pumping from both breasts at the same time stimulates milk production. And you will get more for less of your time.

2. 2-Phase Expression technology for increased milk production

The pump starts in letdown mode, which is more intense and with higher suction. It will provoke milk production. Then you can begin the expression mode where you can set the speed and vacuum level of the pump. Find your best setting for excellent results.

3. Easy to use

Forget about the reading of endless annoying manuals. You won’t need a manual to work with this pimp. With only one knob and a button on it and is very simple to use. Adjust the suction speed and vacuum level with the knob and start the letdown mode. That’s it. Piece of cake!

4. Well organized and easy transportation

When you are on the go, at the office, or traveling, it is handy to have all your pumping gear in one place. Everything is well organized and has a place in the bag. Easy accessible and ready to pump. You have space for extra stuff like spare parts, books, sunglasses, etc. 3 options available – backpack, tote, or metro bag. Find the differences below

5. Battery charged

Powered by 8 AA batteries, you can use your Medela Pump In Style Advanced everywhere. This pump drains the batteries fast, so consider buying rechargeable batteries.

6. Cooler bag

Stash your milk in safe while you are on the go. The kit comes with an ice pack with which you can store your milk throughout the day. You have room for 4(5oz/150ml) bottles, which is more than enough. Keeping your milk cold preserves it so you can use it for a more extended period.

7. Overflow protection

If there’s no overflow protection, getting milk into the motor is not a science-fiction scenario. A lot of moms are trashing their pumps that way. Medela’s engine has overflow protection and will last longer, which will save you a lot of money.

8. Parts and accessories are cheap and easy to find

Medela is a well-known brand. You can find parts virtually in every store near you. When there’s an emergency, and you need some part, you will likely find it at your nearby store. Medela parts are cheaper compared to Spectra’s.

9. BPA Free

All materials in touch with breast milk are BPA free. Don’t you know what BPA is? According to numerous medical researches, BPA is a dangerous chemical that should be avoided by people. And when it comes to babies, we all should be careful if that concerns health. If you are buying plastic that will be in touch with food, always check for BPA free label.

Backpack vs. tote vs. metro bag. Which one should you get?

The Backpack

Very easy to carry, and your hands are free. Unfortunately, all backpacks have a design flaw. You need to put things one above another. Like you’re playing a Tetris. And if you need something from the bottom, you need to take everything out of the backpack. Here like with the tote, the motor cannot be removed. From the three options, this is the one with the least extra space available but is the easiest one to carry.

The Tote

The tote has a better organization compared to the backpack, as you don’t need to stack everything inside it. The tote is separated into segments that make access elegant and straight-forward. You will have some more space available than with the backpack. The motor is not removable as well. It comes with a dual-voltage power adaptor(110/240V). Useful if you travel outside the states.

The Metro bag

The most significant advantage of the metro bag is that you can remove the motor. You can leave it in the office and just bring back home the cooler bag and the bottles. The bag has some extra pockets that are very useful to store random stuff or if you have spare parts. It is large enough for my lunch and a few small items. The bag is not very comfortable to carry as it slips down my shoulder. The closing of the bag is not very secure, as well. If you use public transport or walk a lot, the backpack or the tote are better options. The metro bag has a dual-voltage, which is useful if you travel outside the USA. The price is something else that you have to consider. The difference between Metro bag price and the other two is sensible.

Should you buy Medela Pump in Style?

Medela Pump in Style Advanced is a reliable and robust, easy to use, and portable. It comes with everything you will need to pump in and outside your home. Everything is well-organized and ready to be used. If you are going to back to work, go outside often or travel this is the pump for you.