Medela is a company that is dedicated to helping breastfeeding mother successfully breastfeed their children. They have been doing so by creating a line of breast pumps that simply cannot be matched. Throughout the years the name Medela has become synonymous with quality and dependability. It is pretty easy to see why when you look at the Medela Pump In Style Advanced. This highly advanced pump is equipped with all the essential features plus more. When you see everything that the pump has to offer, you won’t have any option but to agree.

Removable Cooler Bag

When you invest in the Medela Pump In Style Advanced you don’t just get a breastfeeding machine. You literally get everything that you need. The whole setup comes with a removable cooler bag with contoured ice pack. The bag is capable of holding up to 4 breast milk bottles and the ice pack, which keeps the bottles nice and cool for the baby.

Microfiber Backpack

Not only does the Medela Pump In Style Advanced come with a handy removable cooler bag, but it comes with a convenient microfiber backpack as well. This pack actually holds the breast pump and delivers the utmost convenience. If you are always on the go, you simply cannot do without this breast pump. Along with this, the backpack is designed to look just like any other backpack. Of course, there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to breastfeeding, but for those mothers that want to be discreet, this bad boy offers just that.

Double Breast Pump

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced isn’t just a single breast pump machine. In fact, it is a double pump machine that allows you to pump both breasts at the same time. This means more milk and more convenience all packed right in one little machine. Combine this with the single knob speed/vacuum adjustments and you are looking at speed and comfort rolled up in one.

Built-In Battery Pack

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced does come with a built-in battery pack that requires eight AA batteries, which are not included with the initial purchase. However, the battery pack literally gives you the ability to pump anywhere at any time. Just make sure that you keep a fresh set of batteries on hand.


  • Double breast pump provides faster pumping
  • Speed/vacuum adjustments allow you to adjust levels to suit your comfortable
  • Microfiber backpack is discreet and holds the built-in pump
  • The removable color bag allows you to keep 4 bottles of breast milk on ice
  • 2-phase expression technology with one-touch let-down button
  • Cons

  • Requires eight AA batteries
  • Batteries are not included with the initial purchase
  • Overall Assessment

    Just because you are a new mother that doesn’t mean your everyday life is going to stop. You are still going to have the same responsibilities that you’ve always had and this is where the Medela Pump In Style Advanced comes in handy. This on-the-go pump provides all the comfort, discreteness, and convenience that you need.

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