As a parent, you will need to find a way to transport your child. A good stroller can make a world of difference. Below, you’re going to learn all about the sit and stand stroller and its significant benefits.

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What Is a Sit and Stand Stroller?

First and foremost, you should learn about the basics of a sit and stand stroller. What is it? How does it work? Well, the design of this type of stroller is generally for two children. It is suitable for toddlers and infants. The children should have an age difference of roughly 2 to 5 years. The stroller will have a regular seat in the front. It is possible to add an infant car seat in the back. However, you’re also going to find a standing platform in the rear. The sit and stand stroller is a good investment for some parents. If you have two children with a noticeable age difference, you’ll want to think about buying one of these strollers for your children.


Now, you should learn about the significant perks of buying a sit and stand stroller. While there are some cons, the perks associated with these strollers are going to overshadow them. First and foremost, you should know that these strollers tend to be lighter and more compact. In many cases, these strollers are foldable. And, you’ll most likely be able to fold it using a single made. You can also use this type of stroller to carry a baby or a toddler. Usually, they’re going to include a large storage basket, and this will give you the ability to take more items.
If you have two children and you want them to have more freedom, you’ll want to buy a sit and stand stroller. You can also use this stroller as a way to bond with your child. After all, the older kid will be able to look at you all the while. Finally, you should know that some of these strollers have a universal fit and this makes them double as a car seat.


The sit and stand strollers are not suitable for use on rough terrain but usually for smooth surfaces, such as concrete and pavement. When shopping for a stroller for rough terrain, it is not a good idea to include the sit and stand model. With the little suspension, the stroller cannot handle rocks larger than pea gravel. However, the stroller is excellent for areas with paved roads, sidewalks, and tracks.
Another disadvantage of the sit and stand stroller is they are generally smaller than other double stroller models. The small design limits the usage quite a bit. So, it is essential to pay close attention to the age, size and weight recommendations. And, for children that are sitting in the rear-facing position, space will even be more limited.
Typically, sit and stand strollers design includes a single seat. So, one child will be required to stand throughout the entire ride(where the name came from). While standing may be fun for a while, young children generally tire out after a short trip. With that said, these strollers are great for parents with a single child. The child can transition from sitting to standing with little effort.
Sun protection, such as canopies, is not often included with sit and stand strollers. The lack of such a feature will limit the time you spend in the sun.

What To Look For When Buying

Sit and stand strollers are very similar across the board. However, some models have unique features, making them stand out above the rest. So, it is best to determine exactly what you and your child need in a sit and stand stroller before starting your shopping expedition. Things to look for are listed below.

Size And Weight Recommendations

The key to ensuring your child’s comfort is choosing a model with the correct weight and size recommendations. The first thing you need to consider is your child’s weight and height. All brands include these recommendations in their product details. If you fail to heed to these recommendations, the stroller will not have adequate space, limiting your child’s flexibility.
Like double strollers, sit and stand strollers are generally designed for two children. So, pay close attention to the weight recommendations and capacity for two children. A model with a weight capacity of more than 70 pounds is ideal for two small children. But again, every brand is unique with its weight capacity and size/weight recommendations.

Stroller Weight

Parents of all sizes should be able to handle their child’s sit and stand stroller easily. To ensure full control and easy handling, it is crucial to consider the size and weight of the stroller. Sit and stand strollers average around 30 pounds, so all parents can maneuver and lift them fairly easy. Heavier models will offer less maneuverability and portability than lighter weight models. Lightweight models are easier to handle in all types of situations, whether you are walking around the block or storing them in the trunk of your vehicle.


All sit and stand strollers fold down for storage and transport purposes. However, some models are not as foldable as others. For parents with small vehicles, it is crucial to only consider models that offer compact storage. A compact, foldable design will allow you to store the stroller in small spaces, such as trunks and closets.

Sun Protection

Active parents tend to take their children outdoors in all weather conditions. However, some limit their time outdoors to sunny days only. Regardless, it is important to limit the time your child is exposed to the hot sun. To do this, you will need a sit and stand with sun protection. Most models are designed with a canopy that sits directly overtop the seat, so the child standing is totally exposed to the sunlight.
However, there are a few brands that include two canopies, one that covers the seat and another for the standing position. It is also important to make sure the canopies are large enough to protect the children from too much sun exposure.

Storage Compartment

All parents travel heavy, which means they never leave home without an adequate supply of diapers, snacks, handy wipes, extra outfits, bottles, sippy cups and other important items. Pushing a sit and stand stroller requires a lot of effort, especially when it is loaded with two children. This is why adequate storage space is a necessity for parents. Only consider models with cupholders, a large console, child tray and large basket. It would also be convenient if the cupholder and tray were removable.

Travel System Compatible

Children must transition as they grow, resulting in more expenses. To keep your spending to a minimum, it is important to only consider models with travel system compatibility. This feature allows parents to utilize the sit and stand stroller from newborn to preschool years. This basically means that the stroller will grow with the child. A model that can be fitted with an infant car seat will also come in handy.

Seat Design

The seat design is important to ensure your child’s comfort and flexibility. It should be large enough to fit your child perfectly. There should also be extra padding on the headrest and seat to ensure adequate comfort during short and long rides. The seat should also be able to sit upright unassisted up to about 40 inches.

Staying Comfortable While Standing

Do not focus all of your attention on the seat, because your child’s comfort will depend on the design of the rear platform. It should be large enough to offer the child flexibility, so he or she can move around easily. There should also be a handle for your child to hold onto. And, the handle should be the ideal height for your child. If the standing platform does not have a handle, the child will not be able to secure its position.

5-Point Harness

Your child’s safety is extremely important. And, to ensure your child is safe and sound while sitting in a sit and stand stroller, it must have a 5-point safety harness. This feature not only secures the child’s position at all times, but also offer quick and easy removal. The safety harness must be guaranteed to prevent the child from being dislodged during mishaps.


There are many different brands of sit and strollers on the market. So, you should not face any issues finding a model that allows you to stay within your budget. In fact, you should find a model with all the desired features for a reasonable price.


Strollers can take a lot of damage over the course of a child’s lifetime. And, to ensure you get your money’s worth, it is crucial on consider brands that offer a decent warranty. It is not unusual for manufacturers to offer five-year or longer warranties with their sit and stand strollers. During this warranty, you should receive free parts and repairs whenever necessary. Limited warranties will not offer the same protection as full warranties. You may even be able to purchase an extended warranty from some manufacturers.